Empirical Evidence

Many people claim to have evidence and many other just run and dribble from the mouth!   If you cant supply Empirical Data to support your claim you have no claim. Testimonials? – How many do you have ready to give to a client or student right now? Video Testimonials – How many do you […]

Why do you complain about marketing?

Marketing is how you generate revenue.  Make this relationship very clear.!  Do you hate cold calling?  So do I!  This is why I’d rather have clients call me, rather than me call clients.  Its a heck of a lot easier  when your phone rings off the hook. rather than waking up and wondering how you’re […]

So your an experienced trainer?

How experienced? How many products do you have? Have you been building a product line throughout your training business? You will have a stronger line of communication and a stronger business model when you have a brand that demands that people follow you!   Think, everyone cheering…  “We Want You,  We Want You,  We Wan […]