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60K/Week Business Model

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Dear Internet Entrepreneur & Home Business Owner,

What would you say if I told you that we have been studying the 60K/week Business Model for some time.   We have created a proven step-by-step system to take someone from ZERO to have them generate their First set of leads for their first online class in just days.

With your existing business model, you may think you have all the pieces, but they are not all working together.    We plan to show you how to put all of the pieces together so that you can either work more and make a lot of money or frankly, just work less.

Now, most people when they year 60K a week, Immediately think "Yea Right"  Impossible.  And you are correct if you keep up that attitude!

However, if you know that it "is" happening, but just haven't seen "how" it happens, then this 1 day event is for you!   Because Willie Wonka is giving a tour to his factory! (sorry, couldn't help)

At the end of this 1 day event, you will have all of the tools that many experts are already using, to make money teaching online.   Frankly I cant even use the "Make Money Teaching Online" tagline because its frankly worn out!   That's when we came up with the 60K/Week (In 60 Days) Challenge.  Because we see first hand, it happens all of the time.

If you are anything like I was when I first started to study how to make money online,  you'll be weary of all of the people out there promising overnight about success and riches.

So, We're going to


Nothing we do happens overnight!  But with a proper "Plan" and some "Focus", it can happen!

(One 97$ Day + FOCUS + A Roadmap + Tools + Support

= The business model that works for you!)

You've probably joined an online system, an affiliate program, or one of the 100% commission programs out there which promised you effortless riches, but if you're anything like we were at first, you had absolutely nothing to show from it in your Bank Account.

The truth is, the complete story about how people succeed online is not being revealed to you.   Building a successful online or home business in ANY program is going to take work.

However, getting into results quickly & making money to cover your cost and even into profit quickly doesn't have to take a very long time at all...


Leo A. Dregier III

P.S.   By the end of this training, you'll 100% know if you are chasing rabbits or Hunting Elephants.   If you want to chase rabbits, this training is NOT for you.  If you want to learn how to hunt Big Elephants then Register Now!

Please Meet Leo A Dregier III...



Leo Dregier III is a modern-day Renaissance man.  He has parlayed his expertise in IT, cyber security, real estate and social networking into entrepreneurial opportunities to teach and help others.  If there is a pattern to his career it’s “learn, master, teach others to master, repeat with new challenge.”

Leo started out on the MCSE 4.0 Microsoft track. Within months, he was recognized as a subject matter expert and tapped to teach other aspiring Microsoft engineers.  Leo has earned 45 of the most popular computer certifications including CISSP, ISSEP, CISM, CEH, CISA, CRISC, PMP, CHFI and several others. Over the years, this gifted instructor has also helped 1,000+ IT professionals meet 8570 certificate requirements.

Since 1995, as a Principal of The Security Matrix LLC, he has provided consulting services to 500 private-sector and government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare.

He is EC-Council, ISACA, ISC2 and CompTIA certified in 45 different areas and has guided his professional students to obtain their cybersecurity certifications, including CISSP and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), online at TheCodeOfLearning.com, where he maintains a 90+ evaluation rating.  When Leo is not working as a cybersecurity consultant or in the classroom, you can find him working on his other personal projects. At one time Leo was operating 24 separate real estate-related websites.

He has been featured on CNN and Been honored by The University Of California – Irvine Advisory Committee.

Leo spends his spare time with his beautiful wife and thinking of new ventures to pursue and teach.

Stay current with Leo Dregier’s latest activities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Introducing the "60K/Week Online Training Challenge"

  • Sales Funnels and How they work

    • We’ll explore various sales funnel models that will show you the ideas, engagement, communication, conversion that is necessary to leverage technology.
    • You will never think of Marketing the same after exploring these Sales Funnel Case Studies.
  • Customer Relationship Management System Software

    • This is how you are going to manage all of your new customers!
    • Social Network Integrated CRM! Boom Baby!!!
  • Online Training Platform Delivery Software

    • GoToMeeting and GoToTraining are you’re low cost new best friends
  • OptimizePress and OptimizeMember

    • This is how you create sales, and manage access to content online in your website.
  • AutoResponders

    • Aweber is going to manage your office for you.
    • This low cost service is our favorite for new people who need to integrate their message into everything!
  • Learning Management Systems

    • Become the Authority by having your own LMS!
    • This is really where you get to “drive the ship”
  • AutoPilot

    For those who just want the big picture and road map and who plan to outsource EVERYTHING.

Proof This Works!

  • If you have a 49$ online course, you need 1225 units sold. = 60K
  • If you have a 97$ online course, you'll need 618 unites sold = 59,946K
  • If you have a 79$ online course, you need 760 units sold - 60,040 K
  • If you have a 797$ online course, you only need 75 attendees for a 59K profit

With Social Media, you could have leads in as little as 20 minutes!

  • You better know how to manage the sale
  • You better know how to interact with your new customer
  • You better know how to deliver an amazing event so they recommend others
  • You better have a delivery mechanism

In 2015,  Facts, Numbers and Statistics Matter! No more guessing.  I think so and I hope so will not be tolerated in this training.  Make Business Decisions on Facts, Numbers and Empirical Evidence!


The Formula is SOOOO SIMPLE

Solve somebody's problem by giving them the training they need, and make money in the process. Throught this process you should "become the authority" in what you do, Very simply put, Everyone learns and pays you to "teach them something online"

Their Problem + Your Online Training Solution = Payday!

With PayPal, you can collect your money!

  • If you need a Payment Processor fast, Paypal is the solution!
  • We'll talk about 5+ other ways to receive payments so you have choices.


With YouTube, you could have leads in as little as 20 minutes!

  • Having a YouTube channel can drive up your traffic to ridiculous amounts
  • You can Learn everything about YouTube and learn how we do this, or you can outsource most of it.



Just for picking up the 1 Day Event

  • Plan Template $49 VALUE
  • 60K/Week in 60 Days Course Workbook $150 VALUE
  • 30 Days free access to the VIP membership Q&A Group $49 VALUE


  • First 10 who enroll will be put in a pool and 1 winner will get 1 FREE Admission Ticket to attend the live event
    • $5,000 VALUE
      • 5 Days of Intensive (One on one personal attention from Leo Dregier)
      • Use of all of Leo's Professional Video Equipment to create a high quality recommendation video
      • 1 Day of Exclusive Time with Leo where Leo helps you work on your project.
  • First 3 to Enroll
    • FREE Exclusive VIP Ticket to our online VIDEO CREATION WORKSHOP
      • $495 VALUE
  • First 10 to Enroll
    • 3 Complimentary Months to any 1 class in the Ultimate Trainer Academy
      • $147 VALUE
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls per month for 2 months
      • $200 VALUE
    • 2 Live Webinars Per Month Filled with Training and Evaluation of Your Business
      • $495 x2 VALUE
  • First 25 to Enroll
    • Free Coaching Consultation Call with us
    • We'll help you set up your FB Video Ads help you with your YouTube Page
    • $497 VALUE
  • First 50 to Enroll
    • Our Exact Blueprint on how to "Become the Authority"
      • We'll show you how to gain MAXIMUM exposure so you can "repeat" your new 60K Per week Business Model
      • $2,995-7,995 VALUE or more depending on you you gauge it!

1 Full Day of  Online Training

Regular Price $997 - $97 Today!

I'm Saving $900

5 Full Days of Live Training

Regular Price $7,995 - $5,000 Today!

I'm Saving $2,995

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