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Why does 60K/Week Matter?

  • Its NOT really about 60K/Week

    Its about Time,  and learning what to do with your time.   When you spend your time doing the right things, you produce the right results.   You will also learn that its not about using your time “better”.   Its about re-purposing the whole concept of time.   The challenge is to learn how to shape your time in 60 days so that you can learn how to make 60K/week.   Specifically with teaching online courses.

  • Common Core Math WiIl NOT Work Here

    $97 course = Need 10 Sales for a $970 Day, or 100 to produce $9,700.00 Profit. $997 Self Paced Course = $9,700 if you can “easily” find 10 learners. Learn How to use Business Math!

  • Loser's Have Goals

    Winners have SYSTEMS.  In 2015, you will need to learn how to build systems.  Having the right set of systems in place allows information to flow through a Sales Funnel.  Its your job to create the systems, and then manage the sales funnel.

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How are you going to get there?

You get there by building Systems!

Build Sales Funnels!

Sales Funnels are the engine that gets you there!  This is how you walk each person you meet, through the process.  We have jammed packed so much value into this Lesson, you'll kick yourself for not taking it earlier.   This Lesson is built in Case Studies and Application.

  • Suspects = "So-and-So want's to connect with you" and "You've been invited to"
  • Prospects = An Inquiry, a connection, Interested in what you are doing, this is essentially the "Hi my name is" or first contact you have with a potential sale.
  • Leads = This is someone now in your Auto-Responder, whom you are providing content to on a regular basis
  • Negotiation / Contracts = This is a discussion of how the business can solve the customers problem.
  • Sales = The Delivery of goods or Online Training



Customer Relationship Management

Most business think or attempt to do this manually, so its real important to manage all of the hundreds of new clients you are going to be getting, so this is a critical component.   We choose a CRM that is Social Media Friendly (Most are NOT), so that you can literally make money on your phone (if you are into that sort of thing),  This is also where the concept of Sales Funnels integrates into "office work".  The only thing better than a CRM is a Sales Funnel that Automates the process for you and integrates all of the digital tools that you will use.


Online Training Platform Delivery

You can still conduct live events if you want. (We still do) but you also want the ability to deliver content from anywhere so you can work at anytime.   This is a critical element of delivering the goods and getting people to the next level in their pursuit to learn something.


Learning Management Systems

This is what we like to think of as "Set it, and Forget it".   Learning Management Systems are critical if you want to free up your time.        This allows you to work on the system, and provides you the ability to not only become the authority in what you do but to also delver goods with or without your presence!



This is what you are going to start with in the pursuit of "management" of daily activities.   There are several auto-responder technologies out there.   You'll want to use this for any repetitive task.





Hi, I'm Leo A. Dregier III

  • EC-Council Circle of Excellence
  • Over 45+ Computer Security Certifications
  • Top Penetration Tester for Large Enterprise Systems
  • Life Hacker!
  • Hasn't had a job since 2005

Thanks for sharing and taking action on what you learn! This is a picture of me on Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, CO in 2015 after a consulting assignment.  I decided to take some time for me during this trip.  So I found the tallest mountain in sight and climbed (ok, drove) to the top.   Every person should climb a mountain once in their life!
- Leo A. Dregier
Master Trainer, The "UltimateTrainerAcademy"

  • Everybody says "I want to make 60K/Week" but they don't put in the work to have a 60K/Week Business Model
  • A lot of people "think they can teach online" but are not passionate about learning themselves
  • Many people will have attempted parts of the 60K business model without even knowing it

There is a BIG difference between teaching online and "Becoming the Authority" at what "you" do

There is a difference between being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and learning to be the "Authority" in your field.  the difference is the SME's pay the authority to learn how to do what they do.  I've made my mark on the world as the "Top Computer Security Trainer".   Don't believe me?  Google "Leo Dregier CISSP" and see what comes up.

Learn Different Business Models

Many people simply wont believe the 60K/week business model, its extremely possible that you may confuse this business model with the worn out slogan "Work From Home" or "Make Money Online" but the fact exists that many people have learned how to make a lot of money while doing what they love and what they are passionate about.

As a matter of fact, there are different business models for 100K/Year, 250K/Year and even 1 MILLION dollars a year.  But can you put the key elements together yourself? is really the question,  Why not learn from someone who has already lived each of the business models.

  • Fast Track Guide

    This guide gets you started and ready to make the most out of our time together.

  • Make Money Teaching Online Planner

    Detailed planner for planning and pricing your programs, courses and up-sell offers.

  • Tools Manual

    We’ll show you our toolkit(s) that allow us to teach online.  We’ll take you from shoestring budget to  Solutions Provider.

Subject Matter Experts are people who struggle to get ahead, "The Authority" is the person who can

"Solve their Business Problem"


The Authority essentially can do the following:

Authorities know how to Solve Business Problems

By knowing the in's and out's of how your customers work,  you can fill a problem in their business model.  Perfect example is being a contract trainer.  Lets say a company has 12 students that need to get an industry certification (Like CISSP),  the trainer is contracted to deliver the technical content, but what the trainer also learns in the process is the business model of the client.

Authorities Provide Results

Because they have been in the field and have seen all the explosions and land mines, they know how to provide the results their clients need.  When you get hired, as a contract trainer, your job is essentially to achieve a result without any hiccups in the process.  Authorities know how to get results.  Results are what get your clients to pick up the phone and call "you" (or your business) for help.

Authorities Understand Systems

You must work to put a series of automated systems in place, like Sales Funnels, Customer Relationship Management Software, Funnel Pages, Auto-Responders and Auto-Pilot methods.  If you want to earn 60K/Week, you must build systems.

Authorities have Mastered The Classroom

Many people struggle with this one, but its really not that hard.   If you are not getting the results or evaluations you need, it's because you are doing it ALL Wrong.  Don't believe me?   Our Trainers get nearly perfect evaluations on EVERY ASSIGNMENT over and over again.   Because they know that if not, each job could be their last class of their career.  In our world, there is no such thing as tenure, only Results!

Subject Matter Experts are people who struggle to get ahead, "The Authority" is the person who can

"Solve their Business Problem"

Becoming the Authority is the launching pad for your entire business if you provide an answer to THE question your ideal audience is asking in a way that gets them tangible results.

The 60K/Week Challenge is for you right now if you are:


One key ingredient for this training is that you must be tired because you are working so hard "trying to build your business".  Either you are tired of your day job or tired because you are working so hard.  To create the life and the freedom you've imagined, you need a predictable stream of income,  This course is about creating the predictable stream of income.

Burned Out?

All trainers get burned out, either from problems in the classroom, your full time job, and excessive travel for contract trainers.  If you are serious about addressing these problems, then you will have to make a choice.  Stay doing what you are doing, or challenge yourself.


Not sure how to do it? That is why you need to learn from someone who is already doing what you need to learn. You can learn this on your own, Enroll in Self Paced Training or Find a Mentor who specializes in Online Learning and training deliver.


You must be "Finally" ready to create a real business that works for you.   If you do not, then before you know it, you will have spent years building a brick and mortar business that can run without you.  You must choose to make the rest of 2015 and 2016 the year of you!

You just need a simple step-by-step plan and a support group to hold you accountable to your dream.

Introducing: 60K/Week Self-Paced Training, 

A 60 Day Guide to creating an online training empire.

Your Virtual Bootcamp, Includes:

The Virtual Boot-camp is offered  in 7+ Learning Modules.  Each Learning Module, release on Monday over 6 weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to the online course you are designing.

You'll experience engaging online learning as you design your own online course.

  • Module 1: Sales Funnels

    Know that you are building a business that can be managed. This part of the course takes a Case Study approach (Over 22 Case Studies) to how you should set up your sales funnels.  We’ll explore how to evaluate ideas, Engage with your audience, Communicating with them, How to convert into a lead, and how to Leverage your efforts.

  • Module 2: Customer Relationship Management

    CRM’s are where you get to manage all of your new prospects, leads and clients.  Ultimately this is the software you should be using to manage your business.

  • Module 3:: Online Training / Platform Delivery

    Online Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform DeliveryOnline Training and Platform Delivery

  • Module 4: Sales Funnel / Squeeze Pages

    Squeeze Pages walk your new customers through the checkout process.   When you design web pages that work for you, it is much easier to get paid.

  • Module 5: Auto-Responders

    Use Auto-responers for every repetitive Task.   This is how you manage the office work.  You supply the right information to the right people at the right time.   When you learn to automate “the back-office” then you will get so much more of your time back.

  • Module 6: Learning Management Systems

    While it is possible to just work online, you’ll find that you enjoy live classes just as much. none the less, you’ll need to master the teaching environment and the “post learning environment”  This is where learning management systems comes into play.

  • Module 7: AutoPilot

    There are probably many aspects of running a business that you “don’t like doing”, Don’t do them!  outsource them for pennies on the dollar.  There are so many ways to outsource the tasks that you don’t like doing!

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