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Challenge Ends in 60 Days – November 15

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Contest Rules

  • To win this contest, you must show us that you make 60K of sales for a 1 week event (5 Days)
    • This training can be delivered online or live in a hotel or classroom/training facility
      • Streaming video capabilities will be required.
  • You must be willing to talk about your business model either online or on the live radio with me.
    • We’ll discuss tools / techniques  / methods, that sort of stuff
  • If you already have a 60K a week business model, this contest is NOT for you, this is for people who want to learn how to make money online that don’t already do just fine for themselves.  get it?
    • However, I would be interested in speaking with you “throughout” the contest to to help coach and advise the contestants.
      • This may be on-air, in person, skype, television, etc..
  • You must demonstrate the model that you used to generate 60K “Teaching Online”
    • Subject Matter is of your own choice
  • Additional rules may be added if necessary to adjust the scope of the challenge at our discretion at any time.   However, we’re trying to keep it simple!


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Winner Will Receive

  • Since the winner will have earned their own 60K payday,  You will be rewarded with time
    • I will send you to attend a national speaker who is an authority in your field.
      • Basically, I’ll buy your tickets, travel and lodging for the event.
  • Lessons in Business through Coaching and Mentoring teaching others to become the authority in their field.
  • On-Air radio segment of my choice as a guest spotlight


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