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The Old Way of Training

Why do you complain about marketing?

Marketing is how you generate revenue.  Make this relationship very clear.!  Do you hate cold calling?  So do I!  This is why I’d rather have clients call me, rather than me call clients.  Its a heck of a lot easier  when your phone rings off the hook. rather than waking up and wondering how you’re going to pay your bills!

So bridge the gap between coaching/training and marketing!  When they are tied at the hip, its a lot easier to do both!

Coaching/Training is a two way street, so is marketing!

But what direction are you always working in?  when you are the single point of failure, you will likely fail in some way, so take the load of of you and have your students peer edit your work for free!

You will need an outlet for your marketing efforts.   We have this website and which is for our students of information security.

Dont try to reinvent your own marketing,  copy what works and use that!

How many coaches/trainers do you have?   if you are the only trainer, then that is a 1 way street.   You have to get coaching and training on how to make your business succeed!   I/We often spend over 10,000/year on coaching, products, and research that we use to make our product stream better!

Grade yourself on how much you spend learning to be an expert trainer or marketer!

A – 30+K / year

B – 10,000 to 30,000 a year

C – 3,000 to 10,000 a year

D – less than 1,000-3,000 a year

E – less than 100.00 a year

F – no money per year

This is NOT a Train the Trainer website

The train the trainer concept never sat well with me.  This assumed that I didn’t know what I was doing.  infect, I was an expert already from a subject matter expert.  Train the trainers is for a conversion of SME to explain to others why you are a SME and why they should be a SME also.  but its linear thinking and leads to the trap of only 1-class at a time thinking!

This website is for people who have a failing training consulting practice and need to fix it.  while we do focus on training and helping you become an expert “trainer”.  that is only the beginning for us.  That would be the end for a train the trainer, but only a helpful insight to developing a successful consulting practice!

Who is the Ultimate Training Academy for?

What is your niche?

What specific problems do you have occurring within that niche or market?

Choose the format for which you want to solve that problem and add it to your “multiple streams of income”

Here is a simple formula for you:



1.  Your Expertise – My expertise was computers and computer security.  I was/am a leader in this space and continue to work with the industries best.  The cool part is, I don’t care what your market is.  your expertise can be the same as mine or different.  I’m not worried I’ll be out of a job,   in fact, I want more people to do what I do!

You can train just about anything!  It could be powerpoint,  Microsoft, Cisco, Security, Accounting,  Painting, it does not matter to us.   The content is not what we concern ourselves with, although, we’ll help you with that too!  Its the context! its your approach to what you do that is making you a horrible consultant and trainer, not your specific expertise!

2. The problem you solve and for who?

  • Student Problems – Helping them to study for their exams after our class  All of my course ware and development happens here!
  • Trainer Problems – Fixing trainer problems so that I could outsource work to them and get paid in the process.  This also allowed me to spin off into the Ultimate Trainer Academy!  If 5 years, I want people to be asking you, if you are an Ultimate Trainer.  if you don’t know what that means, you’ll find yourself with NO work!
  • Client Problems – I eliminated virtually all of their frustrations so instead of them only wanting to pay me 2,000 – 2,500 a week for my expertise, I was able to increase this to between 5,000 and 7,000 per week.   Do the math, that is almost a factor of 4.   yes, x4!!!

3.  The format in which you solve it

  • Only Live classes (1 income stream) .  You better hope your good!

I didnt want to rely on just 1 so I invented myself into a guru of….

  • YouTube Video’s
  • Online Webinars
  • Job Placement
  • Recorded Live classroom interactions
  • Mind Maps
  • Test Questions
  • Test Prep Resources
  • Learning Management Courses
  • Social Media
  • Author

This approach allows me to dramatically increase the revenue I/we make!

If you want to leverage your efforts and make multiple streams of income, then the Ultimate Trainer Academy is for you!


Our Niche = Trainers / Consultants / Support Businesses

Our Problem =  You suck and I’m making you look bad, just joking…  How to run a successful training consulting revenue stream for your business

Our Format =

  • E-books
  • Web Based Courses
  • Print books
  • TeleSeminars
  • Live Workshops
  • Live Conferences
  • Live Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Keynote speaking
  • Audio Recordings
  • Video’s / DVD’s
  • Web Based Training
  • Consulting Services
  • Joint Venture
  • Radio Show’s
  • TV shows
  • Writing Assignments
  • Motivational Speaking

All of this combined =  the Ultimate Trainer Academy


Remember, your not in the training business, you in the business of “Marketing your training Business!”

So your an experienced trainer?

How experienced?

How many products do you have?

Have you been building a product line throughout your training business?

You will have a stronger line of communication and a stronger business model when you have a brand that demands that people follow you!   Think, everyone cheering…  “We Want You,  We Want You,  We Wan You”

That makes it pretty hard for someone to deny you work because of whatever reason they can come up with.

I make it impossible for my clients to fire me. or to have a better me at their disposal.

If you don’t have the capability to accept credit cards in 2014, you will quickly find yourself out of business.  because while you’re “still trying to do it yourself”  I’m swiping credit cards.

With our model, we get someone to purchase “something” every single day, or nobody goes home until we do!

The difference being that if you are desperately grasping for clients,   there is a reason.  Flip the tables, have the clients desperately grasping for your schedule!

Save your one-on-one coaching for the higher end clients who out pay the remainder of the clients.

Think 80% high end, 20% low end.   Get this backwards, and you’ll be looking for a job in no time!

If your such an experienced trainer, you must have so much overflow, that you refer business to others right? or do you?

Point being, you’ll be the one begging for a schedule or you’ll be begging for a vacation.  Which problem do you want?

Let me ask you this…  Is your love for training important enough for you to stop having only 1 income stream?   If you truely love training and making money, you have to focus on multiple streams of income.  that way no matter where the person is to swipe the credit card, you’re ready to process it.

There is a benefit to being effective, instead of helping students one-on-one, now you can leverage exponential growth and potentially help thousands!

With this shift, you goals and values become different.  Dedicate some time to becoming an Ultimate Trainer and all of a sudden this becomes a doable strategy.


If you want to make more money, you have to put live classroom training on hold and reach outside of this into product marketing to help your audience.  This brand, not only helps you make more money, become the industry guru, but it also fills your live classroom schedule until its jam packed and you can refer the rest of your business to someone else, where you make a profit for simply referring the business!

This is why we have an Ultimate Trainers Academy!