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Empirical Evidence

Many people claim to have evidence and many other just run and dribble from the mouth!   If you cant supply Empirical Data to support your claim you have no claim.

  • Testimonials? – How many do you have ready to give to a client or student right now?
  • Video Testimonials – How many do you have right now?
  • LinkedIn Testimonials – How many do you have right now? and how long did it take you to get them?
  • How many evaluations do you have?
  • What were your success rates? – Are you using a repeatable process to get them?
    • Are you using process improvement techniques
    • Six Sigma Techniques?
    • LM21 Techniques?

We welcome you to visit any of our social sites and compare them to yours.  Tell us what you think at info@UltimateTrainerAcademy.com or comment below.


You ultimately need a sales funnel to process all of these, these are only the outputs of all of our hard work!

Knowledge, Experience or Skill?

Knowledge is something you learn

Experience is something you have a direct hands on relationship with

Skill is something you learn to do by repeating it over and over until mastery

How have you utilized this work to date?

Explain how you feel about this in a 1-2 minute video and post it to us!

Who else shares your skill?


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