Welcome! I’m very excited to have you part of our community here at the Ultimate Trainer Academy!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Spring/Summer 2015, We have started rolling out a new navigation bar and many overall changes to the site.  This significantly impacts a number of training lessons.  We continue to work on and release new versions of all core training lessons that are effected by these changes.  Thank you for your patience!

As you know, Becoming the Authority can be a very powerful experience if you take the time to:

  • Learn the systems
  • Get a feel for the strategies and tactics that are right for your busines
  • Put in the time to implement these strategies and tactics.
  • Consistently maintain your plan.
  • Work creatively to outsource and automate certain components you are not comfortable with

If you focus on these activities, there is no doubt that you will build authority, generate more leads and increase sales.

The Ultimate Trainer Academy is a completely at-your-pace website.  Some training we provide is done all through Self-Paced (checklist style) formats, other training is done in a video format, and then we have more traditional webinar and live training.

The Core Modules for this website are:

  • 60K/Year to 60K/Week
  • Mastering the classroom

We also have specialized training to help you Become the Authority

  • YouTube Training
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Facebook Training

The First Place to start is by watching this video on "How to get the most out of the Ultimate Training Academy.

Master the Classroom

This is the foundation of what we do; Master the Classroom.   This course covers Pre, During and Post class activities all geared to helping you Become the Authority.

60K/Week Business Model

This course is designed to cover the 6 critical elements that every 6 figure and 7 figure business that is making money online uses.  We'll cover Sales Funnels, Customer Relationship Management Systems, eLearning Delivery, Squeeze Pages, AutoResponders, & AutoPilot