Mastering your Brand

PROBLEM STATEMENT: In 2014 there was a monumental shift towards personal branding.  In 2015, you will see this trend EXPLODE.  We’ve been studying the training industry since 1995, and this year will be the deciding factor of EXPLOSIVE growth or EXTINCTION.   We’ve seen it in 2001,   2005 and now again in 2015.  The industry is moving to subject matter experts who SPECIALIZE in product niche.  The generic industry programs that are well established will experience the largest change, as the new model will demand efficiency.  In 2014, you saw major cut throat competitiveness to levels that are disgraceful.  In turn, the best of the best are building their own brand of Integrity.  Its now a game of who will align with who?

For those of you who can run a business efficient, can be found and who also operate with Integrity,  you have the opportunity to excell because  personal small businesses are tired of being taken advantage of.  Will you use this opportunity to your advantage?

Those who have an established brand, social presense and those who have what the industry wants; if you are ready to sell it to them,  you will become the new product/service lead/professional.  However, if you are also operating without integrity and cannot offer a service that saves your clients money in the process, and makes their life easy,  you too will become extinct.

2015 will be the year for personal branding.  The UltimateTrainerAcademy is leading the way to set the undustry standards.  Soon,  trainers will be asked if they have attended or affiliated with the UltimateTrainerAcademy.  Because we WILL set the bar so high,  the rest of the industry is going to start scratching their heads and wondering what the heck just happened.

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