Becoming the Authority and the 60K/Week Business Model “Self-Paced Training”

Master the 6 Critical elements of all 6-Figure and 7-Figure earners who “Make Money Teaching Online”

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  • Sales Funnels and How they work

    • We’ll explore various sales funnel models that will show you the ideas, engagement, communication, conversion that is necessary to leverage technology.
    • You will never think of Marketing the same after exploring these Sales Funnel Case Studies.
  • Customer Relationship Management System Software

    • This is how you are going to manage all of your new customers!
    • Social Network Integrated CRM! Boom Baby!!!
  • Online Training Platform Delivery Software

    • GoToMeeting and GoToTraining are you’re low cost new best friends
  • Squeeze Pages / Sales Pages

    • This is how you create sales, and manage access to content online in your website.
  • AutoResponders

    • Auto-Responders are going to manage your office for you.
      • This low cost service is our favorite for new people who need to integrate their message into everything!
    • I’ll show you where you can find amazing talent at a very low cost.
  • Learning Management Systems

    • Become the Authority by having your own LMS!
    • This is really where you get to “drive the ship”