So your an experienced trainer?

How experienced?

How many products do you have?

Have you been building a product line throughout your training business?

You will have a stronger line of communication and a stronger business model when you have a brand that demands that people follow you!   Think, everyone cheering…  “We Want You,  We Want You,  We Wan You”

That makes it pretty hard for someone to deny you work because of whatever reason they can come up with.

I make it impossible for my clients to fire me. or to have a better me at their disposal.

If you don’t have the capability to accept credit cards in 2014, you will quickly find yourself out of business.  because while you’re “still trying to do it yourself”  I’m swiping credit cards.

With our model, we get someone to purchase “something” every single day, or nobody goes home until we do!

The difference being that if you are desperately grasping for clients,   there is a reason.  Flip the tables, have the clients desperately grasping for your schedule!

Save your one-on-one coaching for the higher end clients who out pay the remainder of the clients.

Think 80% high end, 20% low end.   Get this backwards, and you’ll be looking for a job in no time!

If your such an experienced trainer, you must have so much overflow, that you refer business to others right? or do you?

Point being, you’ll be the one begging for a schedule or you’ll be begging for a vacation.  Which problem do you want?

Let me ask you this…  Is your love for training important enough for you to stop having only 1 income stream?   If you truely love training and making money, you have to focus on multiple streams of income.  that way no matter where the person is to swipe the credit card, you’re ready to process it.

There is a benefit to being effective, instead of helping students one-on-one, now you can leverage exponential growth and potentially help thousands!

With this shift, you goals and values become different.  Dedicate some time to becoming an Ultimate Trainer and all of a sudden this becomes a doable strategy.


If you want to make more money, you have to put live classroom training on hold and reach outside of this into product marketing to help your audience.  This brand, not only helps you make more money, become the industry guru, but it also fills your live classroom schedule until its jam packed and you can refer the rest of your business to someone else, where you make a profit for simply referring the business!

This is why we have an Ultimate Trainers Academy!