Step-by-Step to “Making It Big” Self Paced Training

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Go from 60K/yr to 60K a week

Teaching Online



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Giving you the Blueprint is easy,   Will you follow it?

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Imagine if you could double, triple or quadruple your income without putting in more effort or spending more time spinning your wheels.


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  • Blueprint

    In this Blueprint I will reveal the ingredients of the 60KWeek mindset and the tools that are in place to think like a 6 Figure and 7 Figure professional.

  • Step-by-Step Manual

    We’ll show you how you can move step-by-step to Becoming the Authority in your field.

  • Master The Classroom Primer

    Every top dollar earner will learn at some point how to Master the Classroom. This is the biggest thing you could do for yourself to allow your clients to call you constantly.

What If…

You had a step-by-step, proven business plan for finding clients, increasing your revenue and doing more of what you love?

What If…

Each step you completed instantly delivered measurable results worthy of celebration?

What If…

You woke up clear every single morning, ready to happily dig in to the ONE THING you needed to focus on that will make a BIG LEAP in your business and your life?

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You Can!

You Just Need a roadmap


When I first started teaching online

I had no road map of how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.      Now that I am where I want to be, I can show you “my road map”

I can show you the difference between hearing about it and watching others do it, to how “I” did it.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I want you to know…

I hear from a lot of people that are overwhelmed, and have no money to invest in themselves and like to complain.

Don’t call me to complain to me,  Call me so you can get your problem fixed, whatever that problem “is”

We have the expertise,  you have the opportunity.   Only when we work “together” does something become of value.

Let’s put a plan to action![/text_block]

Overwhelmed turns to Procrastination


When we are overwhelmed, we do nothing.  We pause, we take a break, we regroup, and this delay turns in to PROCRASTINATION!

This is why you need a step-by-step manual for Getting Results!

Every piece of information you get out there is specific and you have to inter-relate them to get them to work.   So this can be hard if not impossible to get the momentum you need to get your business where you need it to be.

I said NO to overwhelm, committed to creating and moving forward every single day.

To have a 6 and 7 Figure business model for teaching courses online, you have to change the way you think.    If you are the one in your business, running around doing everything for everyone else, then there is something MASSIVELY wrong with your business model.

You have to learn the New Rules for you, because the old rules you use to run your business is limiting your success.  I promise you and can prove you wrong.

What group are you in?

  • I want to learn how to make 100K online this year
  • I want to learn how to make 1 Million online this year. (you need to understand the 100K model first)




Fix My Busines Retreat

5 Days of Focus for a years worth of business

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In this 5 Day event, we will roll up our sleeves to work on the 3 critical components of the plan for growing you online teaching business FAST.


  • Your People

    • Big Fish Strategy – You’re likely to make 80 contacts but only get 5 real relationships that pay BIG
    • The order of things matter! – Stop doing all of the things yourself,  I’ll show you what you should be doing and the order of it.
    • Having 4,500 clients is useless if they don’t help you get where you need to be.
  • Your Product

    • You have to have specific products for which people purchase!
    • When you are the Authority in the field, everyone listens, be the authority!
    • You’ll need, the Right Offer, at the Right Price for your Perfect Client
  • Your Plan

    • Work a full time job and do this on the side
    • Quit your Full time Job when you’re ready
    • Take your dabbling in teaching online to the extreme and scale it up
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Here are the actual numbers for 100K/yr:

  • If you create a $49 information product: You will need 2040 people to say “yes” a year. 170 a month.
  • If you launch a $797 course: You need to enroll 125 people a year. About 10 people to say “yes!” a month.
  • If you offer a $1,000 per person group coaching package: You need to enroll 100 people a year. 9 people a month.


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We will tackle the big questions.

These are the questions I am asked every day by thousands of experts, consultants, clients within my coummunity[/text_block]

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  • Who are my perfect clients?
  • Where do I find my ideal clients?
    • Not often where people look
  • Why are they my ideal clients?


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Our 5 Day event is the right fit for you if…


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  • Who are my perfect clients?
  • Where do I find my ideal clients?
    • Not often where people look
  • Why are they my ideal clients?


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Profit is what creates fredom


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I created this 5 day event to transform your business.  I want you to have a clear, prioritized action plan so you can get moving in the right direction.

I can tell you this;  You likely are spending your time on the wrong activities.  The 60K a week model takes a whole different approach to than a 60K a year business model.[/text_block]

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How does this event work, exactly?


Block off the Day

You’ll block of the day October 14th to ensure that you have the entire day to create and plan your year.

Join us Live

Using GoToTraining, you’ll click a link to attend our session, and you’ll be able to see everything I do on my s creen. We will combine these live learning sessions with time for you to implement what you’ve learned (either on your own, or with a partner).

Bring Your Questions

We’ll wrap up the session with a chance to get all your qeustions answered. Plus, throughout the session, our team of experts will be manning the QA chat so that you can share ideas and questions throughout the day.

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This is an investment for yourself and your business

I’ve never done a full-day coaching program with such a low investment

(Tickets to my full-day events start at $1,000/Day)

Here’s why I’m doing it this way:  I want you to be able to see what is possible for you.  I connect with thousands of people every year and many people don’t know that the grass can be greener on the other side.    I want to know your biggest barriers that are holding you back from creating what’s next in your life.    I see the Biggest barrier that is holding you back is not believing in “how” you can grow a business to lead the life you’ve always imagined.[/text_block]

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This is a hands on workshop, We’ll be designing your plan together to deliver the perfect clients and perfect life you imagine.


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You’ll walk away with a plan

(And Some Really Helpful Tools)


  • Fast Track Guide

    This guide gets you started and ready to make the most out of our time together.

  • Make Money Teaching Online Planner

    Detailed planner for planning and pricing your programs, courses and up-sell offers

  • Tools Manual

    We’ll show you our toolkit(s) that allow us to teach online.  We’ll take you from shoestring budget to  Solutions Provider.

Email me the details for an entire day of “doing the work” that matters.


Great, broke the mold of traditional classes by having students actively participate and got involved w/their learning

Stephen, Confidential

whew!! Challenged me to the 9th degree but it’s a very good thing!!

Ralph, Confidential

The “follow the bouncing ball” exercises and personal contributions of the class and instructor were very transferrable

Shaun, Confidential


Leo Dregier on CNN

Your All-Day Workshop is on October 14th. 2015.  Once you click the button above, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout.  Then, after your registration is complete, you’ll be sent an email receipt.

You’ll also immediately receive your Fast Track Guide, so you can Prepare for the retreat and get the most out of YOUR day!

If you’re one of the first 50 to register, then you’ll also be sent an email with how to claim your Tools Manual.

Look forward to our day together!

Until Then,


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If you are serious about making money by teaching online, then this is your ticket and I wont leave you behind.

I am committed to helping you create the plan you need that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you are overwhelmed or things are going fast enough, then its time to regroup, focus and reinvent.[/text_block]


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One 97$ Day + FOCUS + A Roadmap + Tools + Support = The business model that works for you!



Join our Online Workshop for 97$

*You’ll receive a 7-day pass to watch the recording online should you miss the event. This way you can work through at your own pace or re-watch sessions you’ve missed.   Plus you will still get access to our Private Facebook Community to collaborate with others and get feedback on your plan!


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Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you’re not happy for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) within 7 Days of the retreat (9/25) and we’ll happily refund your money.[/text_block]


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Frequently Asked Questions…


  • What if I can’t make this date? Will there be another date? Or, is there a recording?

    This is the last time (as of now) that we plan on doing the single day event in this format.  When you join, you will have access to the recordings of this call for only 7 days.   So you can block a time that following week to work through all of the teaching sessions we’re using the tools!

  • What if I am more advanced and already have clientele, courses or other products create? Will this help me?

    If you have programs and courses that you are already filling, a steady stream of new clients is coming in and you are clear on how to price and market your next level offers, then this is not for you.

    However, if you want to see how our expertise works, and want to capitalize on making more per week or client, then this class could still offer some really cool benefits.  I’m sure you’ll get 97$ worth of training!

  • What if I am not “technical” Will this work for me?

    You can get as technical as you like, or we can show you how to outsource the elements in which you are NOT good at.  We have several BONUS sections, one is outsourcing / Autopilot, so if you just want to be the Subject Matter Expert,  I’m confident you can still benefit.


In case you wanted to know a bit more about me…

After my father died (in 2015), I realized that life is to short and that I owe it to the people that I love to be the best I can possibly be.  Now I’m on a mission to help you realize the same thing.  I’ve found my freedom and I’ve made my piece the 9-5 corporate world.  Now I want you to realize the same thing.

My intention is to equip and empower you to create a business that supports the life you have always imagined.  For me it wasnt 9-5 sitting at a desk.  I broke away from that lifestyle in 2005 and I have never looked back.

For those of you who really want to benefit from what I have to offer, you’ll consider me part of your advisory board; as I am a strategist and entrepreneur who focuses on leadership and motivation to accomplish things.

I’ve already tested this program in a pilot event and it was beyond a success.  Now we’re going live with the “Ultimate Trainer Academy” ® to empower you and to change the contract training industry.

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